Structured Cabling

Your structured cabling installation is critical to the performance of your Data / Voice network. Failure to to get this correct could result in major loss of performance or data corruption as well as connection difficulties in the future.

    We can offer:
  • Free survey of premises, usually same day if experiencing difficulties (slow connections, dropouts etc.).
  • Rough on-site estimate after survey, followed by a full written quotation.
  • Advice on future expansion of Local Area Network including telephone points.

    Installations are:
  • Either CAT5e, CAT6(GB) or Fibre depending on your budget.
  • Scheduled to suit your business hours, with out-of-hours work available for no extra cost.
  • Performed by our engineers with 20 years of networking experience.
  • Fully tested, labelled and documented.

VPN and Multi-Site

Working out of the office shouldn't mean you lose access to your essential documents and applications. With fast, reliable Internet connections almost everywhere, it's affordable and easy to get out on the road.

VPNs offer a secure connection back to your office from anywhere in the world, enabling you to work at your desk even if you're on the beach. Use the same files and applications, and reduce the risk of data loss if your laptop is lost or stolen.

Using a public Wi-Fi hotspot can be dangerous as traffic is often unencrypted. Connecting to the Internet over your VPN connection helps secure your web browsing and prevent others from snooping.

Do you have multiple offices? Linking their networks together securely can significantly improve the productivity of your staff by helping them quickly share documents and applications, make cost free internal phone calls (subject to phone system support) and collaborate in real time.

Our VPN services can link single users to a head office and join offices together in any combination you need. Running on high performance dedicated hardware they're proactively monitored, updated, and backed up with a guaranteed response service to get you back up and running as quickly as possible if you have a problem.


Please call us on 01603 787323 or contact us and we'll call you back to discuss your requirements.