Internet Access

Broadband and Fibre

Reliable, high performance Broadband and Fibre specifically designed for business. We use the BT Wholesale network so you can be sure of the best quality connection available.

Business Broadband

Ideal for small offices

£ 25 .00 /month


  • Up to 24Mbit Download
  • Up to 1MBit Upload
  • Optional ADSL Router

Business Fibre 40

Perfect for VoIP

£ 35 .00 /month


  • Up to 40Mbit Download
  • Up to 10MBit Upload
  • Fibre modem router included

Business Fibre 80

Maximum performance Broadband

£ 40 .00 /month


  • Up to 80Mbit Download
  • Up to 20MBit Upload
  • Fibre modem router included

    All of our services include:
  • Unlimited usage (see terms below)
  • Single static IP address (multiple addresses available if needed)

Frequently asked questions

Can I get Fibre Broadband?

Probably. Openreach are upgrading new cabinets every day to improve coverage. You can check availability HERE.

Is it easy to switch from my current provider?

Yes, very easy! Just sign up with us and we'll arrange the switch from your existing provider. There's no need to contact them for a MAC code anymore.

How long does it take to get me connected?

Usually 10 working days, although it can be londer depending on availability of engineers and your location.

Is it difficult to upgrade to Fibre Broadband?

Not at all! We'll send an Openreach engineer to the street cabinet to activate your service, then it's just a case of plugging in your new router and carrying on as normal. We'll even come and sort it out for you if you'd prefer.

Do I need a new router?

If you're staying with traditional ADSL Broadband then no, you should be able to keep your existing router and just enter your new username and password.

If you're upgrading to Fibre Broadband then you'll probably need a new router. Some routers support both types of Broadband and won't need to be changed. If you're not sure drop us a line, we're happy to help.

Terms and additional information

  • Broadband services are subject to an activation fee (£50+VAT for ADSL, £150+VAT for Fibre)
  • Activation fees include a site visit and Fibre Modem (Fibre connections only).
  • Minimum contract length is 12 months
  • Unlimited usage is only available Broadband connections that use our telephone lines
  • Payment by Direct Debit only

Further Information

For more information or to place an order, please call us on call us or drop us a line.

Leased Lines

Just a few years ago leased lines were an incredibly rate, specialised product that few businesses had any need for. Now, they're growing in popularity as businesses find they have a greater need for a high upload speed, a quick service level agreement for guaranteed uptime or Quality of Service to run Voice over IP (VoIP) effectively.

Leased lines can be delivered through a range of technologies, each offering different monthly costs, speeds and service level agreements to suit different businesses.

  • Fibre

    Fibre can provide your business with a dedicated connection to the Internet and deliver the ultimate in broadband connectivity. They are not shared or contended with the ICUK network ensuring you get consistently fast broadband connection all day, every day. As well as offering 1:1 contention the speeds are symmetrical, so unlike with ADSL or FTTx the upstream and download speeds are the same. This can open up options to use your connections for more applications.

  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

    EFM technology is perfect for any business that is looking for cost effective, high bandwidth connectivity to the Internet. It sits between ADSL (which can be limiting depending on your location) and a full leased line (which can be prohibitively expensive to small business). It makes use of multiple bonded copper pairs (up to a maximum of 8) providing speeds of up to 35Mbps. These speeds are symmetrical ensuring you have the same up and downstream speeds, making it perfect for VoIP calls or when handling large amounts of data. The multiple bonded pairs also offer resilience, in as much as should one or multiple pairs develop a fault, the connection still operates albeit at a slower speed.

  • Generic Ethernet Access (GEA)

    Also know as Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC) or Ethernet over Fibre To The Premises (EoFTTP), GEA uses FTTC and FTTP technologies to provide a non-contended path to the Internet. By 2014 about two thirds of the UK will be able to receive this technology. It’s comparatively low cost to install, speedy delivery times, and higher headline speeds compared to EFM make it a compelling option to consider if it’s available in your area. Unlike fibre leased lines or EFM, it doesn’t benefit from symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. It comes in three variations with the ultimate speed being determined by the quality and length of your line in much the same way you would expect from traditional ADSL or FTTC. Where it differs itself is in the consistency of speed as it isn’t subject to contention.

Why purchase a leased line?

High Speeds

If you have a requirement for high speed you can’t get any faster or more consistent speed other than via a leased line. Years ago these may have been purely for large businesses who could afford them, but today with prices continuing to fall, and the reliance of an Internet feed in business, these are becoming an essential tool in modern business.

Future Proof

With our fibre leased lines we can provide a large bearer to provide you with faster speeds in the future. For example, we may deliver a 100Mbps bearer, and cap your speeds to 20Mbps. This results in a cheaper monthly cost to you initially, and should you wish to increase the speed in years to come we can speed it up closer to the 100Mbps physical limit of the fibre supplied.

No Usage Limits

Leased lines are supplied without any form of traffic restriction or usage limit. You can download at full speed all day, every day, regardless of what that traffic be made up of.

Consistent Speeds 24/7/365

Our leased lines are supplied without contention restrictions. We don’t oversubscribe our network and therefore the bandwidth you purchase is used solely by your organisation. You can now avoid peak time exchange congestion, or one-off events (eg Olympics) from affecting the speeds you achieve.

Service Level Agreement

Service level agreements are in place to ensure that regardless of the fault, or time of day, you will have members of staff from both our office and our carriers working on the issue. Time limits are clearly stated, and in the event an unsatisfactory resolution is put in place service credits are applied to your account. These should provide you with the peace of mind that you will get the best from us when you need us the most.

Proactive Monitoring

As standard we proactively monitor your connections. Alerts are sent to our staff via SMS in the event of a problem.

Further Information

Planning a leased line installation doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, but as every installation is unique we can't give any example pricing on our website. If you're interested, please use our contact form or call us for an informal chat.